Anarchy bids farewell, wrestling returns on Nov. 14th

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01/22/16: Bill Behrens has updated his News and Notes.

10/19/15: Anarchy Wrestling TV episode 506 is now available below and in the Television archive.

09/29/15: A great article by Matt Trebby on about Bill Behrens and SBI Bookings. You can check it out here.

09/07/15: Larry Goodman over at has an update on the return of action to Cornelia at the Church of Southern Wrestling. Click here for that report. Anarchy Wrestling TV episode 500 is now available below and in the Television archive.

08/24/15: All things must come to an end, and it is now time for Anarchy Wrestling to do just that, after 10 great years! But a new promotion, a new era, will begin on November 14th! Check back here often for the updates. Larry Goodman from, for the last time, has his Anarchy Wrestling report from the event on the 22nd. You can read it here.

07/17/15: It was TEN years in the making! Anarchy Wrestling's 10th Anniversary event is now available on DVD. Stop by the Merchandise section and pick up your copy today!


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